Rust911 | Rust Remover GEL: 1-gallon

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  • Non hazardous rust remover gel
  • Rust911 | Rust Remover GEL: 1-gallon
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Powerful rust removing gel designed for vertical, overhead or projects that you cant soak or otherwise immerse part into solution.  Works best on light to medium rust.  May require addtional applications to fully remove rust.

RuSt911 Rust Remover Gel

    • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable
    • Neutral pH, same as water
    • Does not harm most paints, plastics and rubbers
    • Extremely easy and safe to use

RuSt911 Rust Remover dissolves rust quickly without attacking the base metal.  Safe to use on parts with paint, rubbers or plastics on them.  Rust911 Rust remover does not leave the parts with an acidic coating, thus minimizing re-rusting.

Application Instructions:

    1. DO NOT MIX water to the gel, Ready-to-Use product
    2. Spray, paint, or otherwise apply the rust removing gel to your parts
    3. Check parts frequently, remove parts when the rust has been dissolved
    4. Rinse and reapply if gel dries onto the surface
    5. Can apply cellophane over gel to slow down evaporation
    6. Best if not applied in direct sunlight or extremely hot parts, increases evaporation of gel
    7. Rinse parts off with warm water to remove any residual rust remover
    8. Let dry and post treat with anti-rust or otherwise apply coating to stop re-rusting
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Warranty Information

100% Guarantee that it works like we say it will. If you have any questions prior to purchasing, call us and talk to our chemical engineers! (607) 425-2882 9 am to 5 pm EST
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