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Rust911 : 16 oz. Ultra-Concentrate Rust Remover by the case (15 bottles)

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27.00 LBS
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  • Rust911 Ultra-Concentrate 16x Rust Remover by the case.
(15) 16oz bottles at a significant savings.
  • Rust911 Ultra-Concentrate 16x Rust Remover by the case.
(15) 16oz bottles at a significant savings.


Rust911 Ultra-Concentrate 16x Rust Remover (16 oz), by the case.

15 bottles in a case at a significant cost savings.

RuSt911 Rust Remover:

  • Removes rust quickly, in as quickly as 10 minutes for light rust
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable
  • Neutral pH, same as water
  • Does not harm most paints, plastics and rubbers
  • Also brightens copper and copper alloys
  • Designed for Immersion or soak applications
  • Extremely easy and safe to use

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Add your own water to our concentrate
  2. Mixes at 8 oz rust remover concentrate to 1-gallon of water [or determine volume of container and divide by 16.  this is how many gallons of rust remover to use, fill balance with water.  i.e. 5-gallon tank divided by 16 = 0.3 gallons of concentrate] 
  3. Stir and use

RuSt911 Rust Remover dissolves rust quickly without attacking the base metal.  Safe to use on parts with paint, rubbers or plastics on them.  Rust911 Rust remover does not leave the parts with an acidic coating, thus minimizing re-rusting.

Application Instructions:

  1. Pre-clean your parts to remove grease, oils and dirt using Rust911 Metal Kleen 2014 detergent.
  2. Mix concentrate with your water following manufacturers instructions (must add water to activate)
  3. Immerse your product into the powerful rust removing solution
  4. Check parts frequently, remove parts when the rust has been dissolved
  5. Dont let immerse for more than 24-hours, it will deplete rust remover and typically not needed
  6. Rinse parts off with warm water to remove any residual rust remover
  7. Let dry and post treat with anti-rust or otherwise apply coating to stop re-rusting


A single gallon of Ultra Concentrate makes 16-gallons of rust remover solution


  • That is $3.72/gallon when mixed with your own water
  • Our competitors sell diluted products, not us!
  • Take Advantage of our FREE SHIPPING on our rust remover solutions


Why Rust911 is the Best Rust Remover Concentrate on the Internet


  • GUARANTEED Best Price and performance.
  • HIGH QUALITY/LOW COST and made for industrial applications.
  • ULTRA-CONCENTRATED--> 1-gallon makes 16-gallons of powerful chemical.
  • SAVE MONEY on outrageously high shipping costs.
  • NEUTRAL pH, comparable to drinking water.
  • NON-HAZARDOUS, no special shipping requirements.
  • NON-TOXIC, safe to use
  • BIODEGRADABLE, safe for the environment
  • SAFE on most common paints, plastics and rubbers.
  • Effectively removes oxides from steel, cast iron and other various steels and irons.
  • Brightens copper, brass and similar alloys. (call if you have any specific questions)
  • NEWEST technology available.
  • STABLE Crystal clear and does not turn yellow or has powder on the bottom of your container.
  • EASY MIXING with your own drinking water.
  • Easily rinses off with water to leave surface ready-to-paint.
  • MUST ADD WATER to activate the Concentrate.
  • Great for automobile parts, wrenches, chains, gas tanks, and more. 


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