Best Review Rust Remover 16x Concentrate: 16 oz makes 2-gallons.  Does not harm paints, plastics or rubbers

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    Posted by John on 12th Sep 2017

    Rusty Model A Ford gas tank filled it with Rust 911 left it for two days. Rust gone, really works as advertised.

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    Rust911 one gallon concenmtrate

    Posted by Dennis Odoms on 27th Aug 2017

    I used to be an "Evaporust" guy, but when I found "Rust911", I switched to it because of the cost factor. I am satisfied with the "Rust911" product with one exception. If you leave something in too long, or use a batch of solution that is fully expended, it leaves a black coating on the subject that is difficult to remove. This never seemed to happen with "Evaporust". Given the cost difference, it is something I can learn to live with.