16x Ultra Concentrate Rust Remover : 5-gallon pail that makes 80-gallons of powerful rust remover solution.  Just add your water..

Rust911 | Ultra Concentrate 16x Rust Remover: Makes 80-gallons

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    THIS is the rust remover that you have been looking for...

    Posted by Glen E. on 10th Mar 2014

    Being in the business of working on old English sports cars, I'm used to dealing with rust. Sandblasting & glassbeading are are good on heavy parts but those processes are very costly when you look at the total costs of manhours & equipment, and blasting causes more harm than good on thin material, and is not suitable in many applications where surface finish and detail have to be preserved.
    The other option is a chemical dip system, of which I have tried many, and none have even come close to this process. This product works EXACTLY as advertised, and I have been completely satisfied with it for the several years that I have been using it. How it works I really don't know, all I do know that it eats rust. If it can get to the rust, that rust is gone, it doesn't stand a chance. It's not a degreaser, paint stripper, it doesn't foam or fizz, it just simply eats rust.
    It's very easy to use, degrease the part, plunk it in the bucket, and walk away. Come back later to find a completely derusted part, give it a light wire brushing or rub with a scotch-brite pad etc, rinse, dry, and hit it with some water soluble oil or refinish.
    In 40+ years of dealing with rust, I have not used anything that does a better job, and the labor involved is absolutely minimal, a GREAT product!!!

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    How do they put all that in a 5-gallon pail

    Posted by Susan S on 11th Jan 2014

    Dear Rust911,

    I recently purchased your product in the 5 gallon pail a few months ago. I finally had time to use it. I mixed up about half of the liquid and made up 40 gallons that I put in a drum.

    I put my engine block into it and took it out the next morning. Originally the block was real rusty, and now its like brand new. after that i put in a steering rack, coil springs, rotors, and some misc. truck parts. Its still going...
    I recommend using this without hesitation. I still have half of a pail lft, I cant wait till the next project.