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Rust Removal is What We Do...

We are a team of chemical engineers, chemists and other related professionals that specialize in providing quality rust remover solutions for your rust removal projects.

iron oxidationWe offer the best solutions for your puzzling rust removal problems...

Try our Rust Remover Concentrates, Gels and other cool rust removal products. Works great on your rusty flooded parts from hurricane Sandy. Removes rust on rusted metal, rusted cast iron and corroded copper and brass.

We are considered the rust depot of all things rusted.

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rust removal with concentrated rust removers

CONCENTRATED Rust Remover: 1-gal concentrate makes up to 16-gallons

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rust removal with concentrated rust removers

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Best Rust Remover Concentrate on the Internet

  • High Quality, Low Cost and made for industrial applications.
  • 1-gallon makes 16-gallons of powerful rust remover.
  • You can save money on outrageously high shipping costs.
  • The pH is comparable to drinking water.
  • Considered non-hazardous, no special shipping requirements.
  • Effectively removes oxides or rust from steel, cast iron and other various steels and irons.
  • Brightens copper, brass and similar alloys. (call if you have any specific questions)
  • Does not remove most common paints, plastics and rubbers.
  • Uses the newest technology available for rust removal.
  • Crystal clear and does not turn yellow or has powder on the bottom of your container.
  • Easily mixes with your own drinking water
  • Easily rinses off with water water to leave surface ready-to-paint.
  • Must add water to activate the Concentrate
  • Removes rust from automobile parts, wrenches, chains, gas tanks, and more.


Our most common question is "Which to use: GEL or CONCENTRATE?"

rusted or rusty hubcaps for carWe offer both varieties to accommodate more applications. Some parts lend themselves well for immersion, in which case, use the Industrial Concentrate.

When parts become too large or if the rust is on a vertical or other difficult surface, try our gel rust remover. Our gels are formulated to be either sprayed or brushed onto a surface. Let stand for a couple of hours and rinse off. If there is still rust left on the piece, then repeat.

NOTE: GELS are designed for flash rust or light rust only! It may take several applications on medium rust. Not recommended for heavy old rust, use our diluted liquid concentrate.