The Original Ultra-Concentrated and Super Safe-to-Use RUST REMOVERS.

Rust911, Inc. has spent a great deal of time maintaining great relationships with all their customers and has been approved by the BBB as "A-plus". Some of the reasons are below:

  • 1-gallon of concentrate makes 16-gallons of powerful solution
  • That is $4.37/gallon for the 1-gallon size when mixed with your own water
  • Our competitors sell diluted products, not us!
  • Take Advantage of our FREE SHIPPING on most of our rust remover solutions
  • Designed to be used in IMMERSION, SOAK or CONTINUOUS SPRAY Applications ONLY!! Can not be spritzed on, soaked sponge or similar. CALL if in question.

Why Rust911 is one of the Best Rust Remover Concentrate on the Internet

Our products have been tested against the others and has always outperformed the others. We always use quality chemicals, ship quickly and will help you out with your application by one of our CHEMICAL engineers. Our competitors are having hard time keeping up to us. Our price is significantly lower, because we offer concentrates, ultra concentrates. Example: 1-gallon of our ultra-concentrate will make 16 gallons of rust remover that is stronger than what they provide.

  • GUARANTEED Best Price and performance.
  • HIGH QUALITY/LOW COST and made for industrial applications.
  • ULTRA-CONCENTRATED--> 1-gallon makes 16-gallons of powerful chemical.
  • SAVE MONEY on outrageously high shipping costs.
  • REUSE over and over till solution turns black
  • NEUTRAL pH, comparable to drinking water.
  • NON-HAZARDOUS, no special shipping requirements.
  • NON-TOXIC, safe to use
  • SAFE on most common paints, plastics and rubbers.
  • Effectively removes oxides from steel, cast iron and other various steels and irons.
  • Brightens copper, brass and similar alloys. (call if you have any specific questions)
  • NEWEST technology available.
  • STABLE Crystal clear and does not turn yellow or has powder on the bottom of your container.
  • SUPER EASY MIXING with your own drinking water.
  • EASILY RINSES off with water to leave surface ready-to-paint.
  • MUST ADD WATER to activate the Concentrate.
  • IMMERSION AND CONTINUOUS SPRAY application only. NOT designed for hand spray applications (call or email us if you have any questions on application)
  • Great for automobile parts, wrenches, chains, gas tanks, and more.
  • REMOVES MILL SCALE effectively, just leave part in solution longer than normal oxides.

Rust911 Testimonials

Works The BEST


Posted by Mike C. on Feb 23, 2023

Rust 911 is by far the best product to remove rust I’ve ever seen. Great support as well!! I used this product to remove rust from a Honda four wheeler fuel tank that came from New York used as a snow plow but now resides in Texas. I had to pry the fuel cap off. Rust 911 saved me from having to buy another tank. Honda doesn’t even sell the the tank or fuel cap anymore. The fuel cap Cindy me $85 and the tank would of cost me $180. Thanks again Rust 911!!!! I’ve been a small engine mechanic for over thirty years Trust this product. It’s well worth the money!!!

The Best I Have EVER Used!


Posted by Brent S.

Follow the directions for mixing with water. I have soaked many different tools in this product and has given me the best results. I use a bin with a lid, let tools soak with lid on. Rinse, brush, rinse and dry. I then spray mineral oil(baby oil) on the tools. Works better that WD40 and other spray oils. I am a victim of Hurricane Ian, 7’ of salt water in my garage. Thousands of dollars of tools went for a swim in salt water.

Sorry Evaporust, Rust911 is My New Go-to!


Posted by Ronnie Oct 1, 2023

I ordered Rust911 to see how it would perform compared to my usual go-to for rust removal, which has been Evaporust. It works nearly as well, and I say nearly because Evaporust does work a bit faster/more effective in a crunch of time. However, for the price difference, Rust911 is WAY more cost effective. This concentration just needs to be diluted with water and you're set. It's a quarter of the cost for a greater quantity of product. I'd only wish I'd tried it sooner and saved myself some money. For reference, I use this primarily for derusting old motorcycle fuel tanks and automotive parts. Great stuff! Keep the cost where its at and you've got a lifetime buyer.

Just as Good as Name Brands.


Posted by Ross W. July 13, 2023

This stuff is cheaper than Evaporust so I got it for a rusty motorcycle gas tank I had. I had tried the Vinegar trick with little success due to it flash rusting in literal minutes. After that failure I got this and let it sit for about 3 days and the metal was completely clear of rust. I also didn't have to try flushing the gas tank like crazy with a garden hose or neutralizing any acids since this isn't acidic. For my MC gas tank all I had to do to rinse it out was put in about 3/4 of a gallon and swash it around for about 3-4 minutes; did it once again with another 3/4 of a gallon for another 3-4 minutes and then just filled up the tank with fresh gas. It's been about 4 months since then and my tank is still about 99.9% clear. I never put an epoxy coating in it since I've heard bad things and figured keeping the tank full of gas should be good enough. 99.9% free of rust after 4 months proves this stuff works and won't cause issues like vinegar does. I keep it in a 5 gallon bucket with a lid as well for when I need more of it. Shelf life is a year after opening.

Very Good and Cost Rffective for Bigger Jobs


Posted by Philip on July 1 2023

I wish that I'd taken before pictures, but this product did a very good job of removing rust from several moderately rusted items that just barely fit into a 4 gallon rectangular tub. I only used 16 oz of the concentrate mixed with two gallons of water and then flipped the sides that were not submerged over after about an hour. Worked really well on the cast-iron heavy AC compressor bracket and brake pedal, and still quite good but not as great on the brake pedal bracket, made from thinner stamped steel that likely had some coating. Better results and much more cost-effective than Evaporust. I did hit all of the parts with a brass brush drill attachment first in order to not waste the chemical on stuff that could easily be removed mechanically. Very effective product that I'll buy again when I run out.

Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread


Posted by Mike Parry on Aug 9 2023

When I purchased this product I had a jack that was so rusted it was frozen solid and I thought I would have to throw it away. I thought I would give this product a shot and boy I am glad I did. I followed the instructions and soaked the jack over night and now the jack is working like new. It completely ate the rust away! Thank you for such a wonderful product

How Do They Put All That In a 5-gallon Pail


Posted by Susan S on 11th Jan 2014

Dear Rust911,

I recently purchased your product in the 5 gallon pail a few months ago. I finally had time to use it. I mixed up about half of the liquid and made up 40 gallons that I put in a drum.

I put my engine block into it and took it out the next morning. Originally the block was real rusty, and now its like brand new. after that i put in a steering rack, coil springs, rotors, and some misc. truck parts. It’s still going...

I recommend using this without hesitation. I still have half of a pail left, I can’t wait till the next project.



Our 1-gallon of rust remover makes 16-gallons of powerful rust remover for only $4.99 per gallon mixed...

Rust911 val looking for rust

We sell our rust remover as an ultra-concentrate, packing more chemistry into the bottle before we ship it out. This allows the customer to pay less shipping, measure out and use what they need to use to complete the job and minimizes the space that is required for storage. For example, 1-gallon of our ultra-concentrated solution makes as much as three 5-gallon pails of the others.

Also, our product was designed by a chemical engineer and our product is thoroughly tested before we say it removes oxidation. Our product is very stable. It doesn't break down, turns yellow or forms a solids on the bottom of the container if you leave it out.

We are also the original manufacturer of these types of products. Many people buy our products and re-brand it. Consequently, they mark it up significantly to make money. We keep our prices low, because you are buying it before anyone marks it up and re-sells it. No one beats our pricing, on the internet or off.

We are proud to be able to sell you a quality product and a reasonable price, and compared to the others, "dirt-cheap" costs...

Our rust removers easily removes rust from steels, iron and other ferrous metals along with removing oxidation from coppers, brass, lead, and zinc (galvanization). Simply immerse your copper components (ie., electrical contacts, connectors or windings) into our oxidation remover for a short time and watch the corrosion removed by our solution. Works great on corroded electrical connectors or electrical motors (must replace bearings but our oxidation remover will remove the corrosion caused by floods or other water damage.

We guarantee our rust remover works. If you have any reservations, call or email us and ask. If you are really in doubt, purchase a small bottle and give it a try on a small section to verify.

We have chemical engineers with over 25 years’ experience with metal finishing processes and applications. If we don't know your answer, I'm sure we'll give you good direction on who might be able to help you.

Typical Rust Removal Applications

  • Rusted Hand Guns for Serial Number Readability
  • Gas Meters
  • Black Iron Pipe
  • Galvanized Pipe (Will Remover Galvanization if left in too long)
  • Rusted Horseshoes
  • Locks (Both Brass or Steel)
  • Trailer Hinges
  • Automotive Steel Rims
  • Steel Diamond Plate
  • Master Brake Cylinders
  • Hood Latch Mechanisms
  • Automotive Door Hinges
  • Mail Boxes
  • Metal Shovels, Rakes, and similar
  • Wire Rope, Winches and Mechanisms
  • Rusted Chrome Hubcaps
  • Spoke Wheels
  • Cast iron Water Pumps
  • Water Tanks
  • Automotive Rotors
  • Saws and Band Saw Blades
  • Steel Knives
  • BMW Electrical Components
  • Corroded Electrical Connections
  • Rusted Lug Nuts
  • Rusted Nails and Screws
  • Mufflers
  • Battery Posts and Connectors
  • And Many Many More
  • Cast Iron Pots and Fry Pans
  • Fire Place pokers and related
  • Vices
  • Motorcycle Gas Tanks
  • Auto Gas Tanks
  • Calipers
  • Tools
  • Industrial Applications
  • Wrought Iron Fences
  • Door Hinges
  • Scuba Tanks Interiors
  • Air Compressor Tanks
  • Springs
  • Rusty Bicycles, Sprockets, Chains
  • Motorcycle Chains
  • Iron Register Grates
  • Chain Mail
  • Plate Steel
  • Steel Castings
  • Tractor Trailer Chain Tie Downs
  • Automotive Restoration
  • Nut and Bolts
  • Copper Parts
  • Lead Parts
  • Rusted Natural Gas Valves
  • Rusty Weight Sets for Lifting
  • Steel or Cast Iron Gears
  • Electric Motors
  • Electrical Panels
  • Floor/Walkway Grating