Toxic Products

Toxic Products

Products we use EVERYDAY are destroying the environment.  Cosmetics, cleaning supplies and automotive chemicals are just a few categories in which consumers can find harsh products that are destroying our environment.  

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent each year on removing rust from tools, equipment, antiques and car parts.  Most people use harsh chemicals or home remedies to try and strip rust from their rusty items.  There is, however, an environmentally safe, non-toxic, rust remover option...Rust911!

Rust911 does not harm paints, rubbers or plastics.  It works fantastically on household items, car parts and large industrial pieces.  One of the greatest things about Rust911, besides its performance, is that it will not harm the environment.  

Many people use harmful acids in order to carry out the rust removal process discussed above.  These acids roll down the driveway from their garages and out into the environment.  Once in the environment, these acids will harm wildlife, water supplies and air quality.  A simple solution to this pollution is to use Rust911 instead!

Currently, there is a small number of people still dedicated to saving our planet.  The inventor of Rust911, Howard Phillips, is a Chemical Engineer who specializes in finding environmentally safe solutions for our current chemical problems.  It is very important to our earth that people and products like this exist!

After reading this article, I ask that people take some time and do research about old methods of rust removal.  After reviewing these harsh chemical processes, look at the new technology of Rust911 and decide for yourselves which is better for our future; the old methods of rust removal that are draining the life out of earth, or a product that ensures the safety of our environment for years to come- Rust911! 

17th Sep 2018 E.Covington

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