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Rusty Trailer Hitch:


A very common problem with many automotive trailer hitches.  The part was immersed in an ambient temperature RuSt911 Industrial Concentrate and left over lunch break.  The parts were rinsed off using Metal Kleener 0001 (no longer available, call for suggestions) and sprayed with Metal shield 2009 to protect from flash rusting. notice how much rust removal occurred.  Also, it removed rust from the insides of the trailer hitch tube. Awesome rust remover.


Severely Rusted Open-end Wrench:

BEFORE: Customer had a very corroded 15" wrench that was left in the back of a contractors truck bed exposed to the rain all summer.  The thumb knurl didn't even move.


AFTER:  Picture shows half of the severely rusted wrench totally rust free and in perfect working condition.  This rust removal job saved the contractor $25 to $35 dollars.


Continuous Spray Method: Spitfire 1 of 5-


A common problem with the Spitfires are the rusted metal below the brake master cylinder.  This area is also hard to get at for immersion, so this is a perfect rust remover application for a continuous spray method. This looks like a tough rust removal job, but its not when you use our product.


Spitfire 2 of 5


A small pump, garden hose, garden sprayer, plastic sheeting, and a caught basin.  Also, don't forget the duct tape to use our rust remover in this process.

The area was taped off using the plastic and duct tape and the plastic was arranged to direct the flow of the rust remover to flow towards the catch basin. 

About one gallon of RTU was placed into the catch basin and pump was turned on.


Spitfire 3 of 5-


This was taken about one hour into the removal process.   Note the rust that is mostly off the part and we're well on our way to complete rust removal.


Spitfire 4 of 5-


This picture was taken about 3 hours into the rust remover  process.  The liquid temperature was relatively low at 50F to 65F.  All the rust was removed and this picture are tough with any chelant technology.


Spitfire 5 of 5-


The rust has been removed and this shows rusted and unrusted metal along with the entire picture of the pump system & plastic sheeting.


Rifle Bluing:


Rifle barrel was left in ambient temperature RuSt911 (10%) for 15 minutes.  The right side of the barrel is the bluing and the left side is where the bluing has been removed. Another rust remover application.




Picture of the same tap.  The top is severely rusted and was placed into RuSt911 overnight.  The bottom picture is the resulting tap completely removed of rust.  Even the threads are sharp now.  This is a perfect rust removal project that will save your rusted tools.


Copper Watering Pot:


The bottom was immersed in RuSt911 for 1-hour.  The bottom of the pot is brightened. Also notice that the top of the brass pouring spout was brightened ( separately dip in the rust remover).  The pot was made of copper and the pouring spout is brass.  This rust removal is actually removing the copper oxide.

Copper Wire:


The wire was immersed into RuSt911 for 5 minutes and removed.  The visiable copper wiringhas been brightened.

Customer had a very corroded wire that they could not a new one to replace.  Top picture shows the corroded wire, note the green near the lugs.

The bottom picture shows the wire after being immersed in 10% RuSt911 for about 1/2 hour.  Not the green corrosion is gone and the copper returned to its copper color.

The customer needed this part to operate their car and the stores were closed.  The corrosion was removed in about an hour and the customer was extremely happy to get his car back.


Copper Pipe:


The left side of the pipe was immersed into RuSt911 for 60 seconds and removed.  The immersed end is brightened.


Rusted Framing Square:


The framing square was left in the bed of a truck all summer.  It was placed in 10% RuSt911 rust remover.  The rust was dissolved off front the square, leaving the painted marks in place.  It is completely usable now.  Another perfect rust removal application that saves the tool.


Honda Car Rotor:


Rotor was half immersed in 10% RuSt911 rust remover overnight and the rust was dissolved off.  The non-rusted side looks great and it also removed the "glazing" that was on the pad contact areas of the rotor.


'34 Cord hubcaps:


The one on the right was immersed in 10% RuSt911 overnight and it came out rust free.  The chrome was untouched and clean.  This rust removal project makes this almost extinct hubcap look great without destroying it.


Rusted 300# Natural Gas Valve:

BEFORE: Customer had a very rusted natural gas valve that was useless to them.  the rust was primarily on the insides and on the valve stem.  It would cost too much to grind the rust off by hand or abrasive blasting.  We lifted the valve up and placed the entire valve into a drum of 10% RuSt911 overnight.

AFTER:  Picture shows the valve insides and outsides completely removed of rust.  This rust removal project saved the customer hundreds of dollars in new products and labor.  Another perfect rust removal application.


Simple Rust Removal on Light Surface Rust:


BEFORE: Lightly rusted table saw needed to have the rust removed.  It is tough to immerse this object, but RuSt911 Concentrate diluted to 10% can be used to remove the rust effectively.


STEP 1:  This technique works best with an abrasive pad and a 10% solution of RuSt911 Concentrate.  Simply wet the abrasive pad and lightly wipe the surface until the rust has been lifted.  You don't have to rub hard, let the chemical do the work.


STEP 2:  Wipe off the loosened rust using a paper towel or similar.  If you missed a rusty area, repeat with abrasive pad and 10% RuSt911 Rust Remover until the rust removal job is completed.  If you plan on painting or other wise protect the surface from re-rusting, simply wipe surface with water to remove the rust remover.


STEP 3:  The black marks are where the rust started to "eat" into the steel.  The rust has been removed easily and effectively.  DON'T forget to protect the bare steel with Metal Shield 2009 or similar rust preventative.


Rust Removal of Tractor Pulley:  (Using Continuous Spray)


A severely rusted tractor Power Take Off (PTO) pulley (to the right of the tire).  Customer wanted to remove the rust using our rust remover without removing the pulley.

A continuous spray system was used so that the part did not have to be removed from the tractor.

A hose, garden sprayer, small circulator pump, catch bucket, and a 6'x6' tarp.  About a gallon of RuSt911 at 10% was placed in the catch bucket and they turned the pump on. The solution flowed from the bucket and sprayed out on the rusted pulley.  The solution dripped onto the tarp and back into the catch basin.  It was left on overnight to let the rust remover do its job.

The next morning the pumps were stopped and equipment removed.  Notice the bright and rust free surface where the fluid was in contact. The rust remover removed the rust and left the paint and rubber tire alone.


Comparison: Competitors Product and Our Concentrate:


A bottle of Competitors product (left and yellow in color) and a bottle of RuSt911 Industrial Concentrate (clear).  A light beam was shown through the bottles to enhance contents of both bottles.

Note the RuSt911 is absolutely clear.  Also note that the competitors product has visible sediment on the bottom of the bottle.  [See picture below for close-up]

Notice  the sediment on the bottom of the bottle.  If this is the Sulfur Product that the competitors say that is used to extend the life of their fluid, then its probably not in your tank.

The sediment indicates an unstable solution and this may not be transferred into your containers unless you thoroughly mixed before you poured it..

Think about it!!!  It can't be good and your paying a high price for their product.

You will not have this problem with our products.