Continuous Spray Method

Continuous Spray Method

Continuous Spray Method

The best and easiest method for removing rust off an item, using Rust911 rust remover, is to completely submerge the rust in the solution.  If that method is impossible with the item you have to de-rust (attached to a car or is too big), the continuous spray method is another option for you and it will be just as effective.  For the continuous spray method, you will need the following items:

1. Shower head or garden hose sprayer

2. Sheet of plastic

3. Pump with hoses

4. Container

The picture above shows you everything you will need for the continuous spray method. First, you will need to isolate the part you want to remove rust from.  Lay the plastic sheet around the area you want to de-rust and tape the plastic sheet in place.  The plastic sheet will be used to collect the rust remover after it has showered over the rusty part, so the plastic will need to direct the rust remover into a bucket or container.  

Once you have the sheet of plastic taped and leading into a container, you will need a pump to get the rust remover from the container back into the hose so it can be showered over the rusty part continuously.  Place the hose into the container (you may want to tilt the container so the rust remover pools into one of the corners to make it easier for the pump to collect it- just like the picture shows). Our Ultra-Concentrated Rust Remover needs to be diluted before using it.  8 ounces of concentrate will make 1-gallon of ready to use solution. Once the solution has been diluted with water, add it to the container and turn the pump on!

Let the continuous shower of rust remover wash over the rusty part until there is no longer any rust.  If there is more rust where the shower head did not reach, simply adjust the head so the rusty area is being continuously sprayed by the rust remover and wait for the rust to be removed again.  

If the solution turns black, stop the pump and empty the container and fill it again with new rust remover.  The solution will turn black once it is completely saturated with rust and will no longer be effective at removing rust.

If you are not able to fully submerge your rusty item, the continuous spray method is an excellent choice for removing rust with Rust911!

5th Sep 2018 Rust911

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