Rust Removal Techniques

Rust Removal Techniques

Rust Removal Techniques

You were working on a spring project in the yard, you finally got around to building your children a tree fort! Now, it is the end of summer and you are looking for your favorite wrench for another weekend project. After hours of searching the garage and shed, you turn to your wife and blame her for misplacing the wrench when one of your kids comes running up behind you with your wrench, saying they found it near their tree fort. The once shiny and immaculate wrench you had is now covered in rust from months of being left out in the rain. With a project coming this weekend, the rusty wrench needs to go back to its original condition... but how?

I am going to discuss several rust removal techniques that can be used to exterminate the rust on your favorite wrench. The techniques I will cover are heat, acids, electrolytic, and a rust remover solution.

Heat can be used to remove rust. To remove rust, heat up the part with high heat using an acetylene torch or a similar tool. The heat will remove most of the rust and may be aided by hitting the rust with a hammer. The heat method cannot be used on plastic parts because the heat can cause the plastic to melt.

Another way to get rid of the rust on your wrench is the use of acids. Acids have been typically used in the past. They work well but are hazardous to your health. Using acids to remove rust requires personal protective equipment and safety precautions. Acids must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water several times to remove all the acids. Disposal of the acids can be expensive and mandatory.

Electrolytic removal of rust uses electric current to set up an anode and cathode reaction with the iron oxide. This method can take up to a week to remove the rust (so much for that weekend project). The rust in the corners and sharp edges will not be adequately removed due to the faraday effect.

Finally, the use of Rust911 rust remover is the final method of removing rust that I will discuss. This rust remover is easy to use. The rust remover solution is non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable and is safe to use on paints, plastics or rubbers. That means that the rubber handle of your wrench will not be harmed while the Rust911 solution removes rust. Rust911 rust solution is sold in a concentrated form, so to activate the solution simply add water. Place the wrench in the diluted solution and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Remove the item from the solution and wipe away any remaining rust. If the rust does not wipe away, place the wrench back into the solution until the rust is able to be wiped away easily.

I think the solution to your rusty wrench has been solved. Simply visit or call 828-446-9809 to order your bottle of our Ultra-Concentrated rust remover or our new Ready-To-Use rust remover and get that rust off your favorite wrench! The solution can be used over and over again so keep the solution and keep adding your rusty items to it and remove them rust-free!

Rust911 is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you would like more information, visit the website or call one of our chemical engineers today!

6th Sep 2018

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